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National vs. Local Carpet Cleaning Companies

National vs. Local Carpet Cleaning Companies

The carpet in your home is the host for all types of unsavory characters, ranging from dust mites to mold and bacteria. Humans shed their skin every day, dogs shedding hair, foot traffic (and who knows where those feet have been?!), and don’t forget about the crumbs of everyday life in a busy household.

Everyday vacuuming takes care of the normal messes and cleaning, but when it comes to deep cleaning, experts recommend that you have your carpet professionally deep cleaned every 12 to 18 months… whether it needs it or not… to maintain a healthy indoor environment.

If you are concerned about the potential for mold from the moisture that occurs during the cleaning process, you are not alone. It is worth mentioning that according to the EPA, if the carpet dries within 24-48 hours of being cleaned, mold cannot, and will not, grow.

Professional carpet cleaning services have the knowledge, the know-how, and the equipment to ensure your carpet will dry within that time frame, if not faster.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to clean your carpet is anything but cheap, and you might consider taking your chances with a good vacuum cleaner and a spray can of carpet cleaner.

Maybe you prefer to buy your own carpet cleaner to use as often as you like, and whenever you want, especially if you have pets.

There are a number of purchase options available, and having your own carpet cleaner allows you to steam out occasional messes and freshen things up, however you should still have a professional service every year or so to guarantee that you are getting a truly deep clean.

Professional carpet cleaning is more than just cleaning the carpet for visual appeal… it is a science backed by years of research concerning things like how hot the water has to be to kill bacteria, and how to prevent mold from growing during the drying process. Another important part of it is that professional carpet cleaning services have formulated cleaning solutions that will deep clean and rinse without leaving behind a harmful residue.

Of course, the best solution is the one that works for you, and to that end, it is worth mentioning that many professional carpet cleaning services will also clean blinds, air ducts, hardwood floors, leather furniture, and an array of other household items.

Your lifestyle determines your personal household needs, like stain protectant, pet odor removal, or a wide range of other services.

Consider the 2 most often methods of carpet cleaning services, which are bonnet cleaning and steam cleaning. Bonnet cleaning is when a machine that looks more like a buffing machine used to clean hard floor surfaces. This machine has rotating brushes that scrub the surface of your carpet with soap and water. It is not generally considered to result in a deep enough clean for a healthy indoor household environment.

The preferred method is when services use truck mounted extraction where your carpet is injected with cleaning solution and hot water, then removed with a strong suction that aids in a quicker drying process to prevent the growth of mold from too much moisture being left behind.

National professional carpet cleaning services like Coit, Stanley Steemer, Chem Dry, and Sears are all top-rated services that have been well-established for years.

Local professional carpet cleaning services offer many of the same services with equally beneficial services.

There are some basics you should expect, regardless of whether you hire a national company, or a local company.

Many services require a 2 room minimum, and prices will depend on extras like stain-protection and odor treatments, as well as square footage of the areas you are having cleaned.

The technicians should offer to move furniture, put protectors under furniture legs, pretreat stains, and explain all the important details you will need to know… from how long before you can walk on your newly cleaned carpet to what to do if stains reappear. Keep in mind that if your carpet is very dirty, matted down, or hasn’t been cleaned in ages, don't expect miracles, because you will be very disappointed.

The technicians should explain realistic results to expect before they start.

National companies like Coit offer a satisfaction guarantee with specific guidelines. For example, they will return to clean your carpets again if you are not happy, or they will return your money if you prefer.

If there are any damages incurred from any of their services, they will pay to have the damages repaired.

Many of the smaller local carpet cleaning companies to do not offer guarantees to that extent, or with such specific guidelines.

Because Coit is a nationwide company with offices located across the country, they offer the familiarity, convenience, and personable services of a local company, and the availability of a nationwide service with many options.