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Steam Cleaning Can Get Your Carpet Cleaner Than Other Traditional Methods

Steam Cleaning Can Get Your Carpet Cleaner Than Other Traditional Methods

Steam Cleaning – A  Better Alternative Than Traditional Cleaning Methods 

There are several methods that have been used to clean carpets effectively and that begins with foam cleaning, a traditional technique that has found favor with many households. The process is simple where a shampoo is used as the cleaning product which is automatically released from a brush. The brush is moved over the carpet one area at a time following which the carpet is left to dry for around two hours. The carpet is then vacuumed to remove any dust and dirt particles. For the most part, foam cleaning is ideal for large areas such as a hotel lobby and hallways.

One of the drawbacks of foam cleaning is that shampoo residue that builds up may leave marks that are difficult to remove with a vacuum cleaner. This area of the carpet could get even dirtier with time.

Bonnet cleaning is another technique to clean carpets. Instead of a brush, a bonnet is used to scrub the carpet on area at a time. This is a time consuming method since it is done by hand and doesn’t really remove dirt effectively. It runs the risk of spreading dirt to other areas of the carpet, making the whole carpet cleaning task seem futile in the long run.

There are also a variety of dry methods used to clean carpets. A powder is spread across the dirty area of the carpet, which the manufacturers claim will automatically clean the carpet and make the dirt vanish. While these are tall claims the fact is that the powder remains on the carpet and only attracts more dirt.

While the above mentioned carpet cleaning techniques can often seem to make carpets dirtier, steam cleaning does a better job of cleaning. Hot water and a cleaning solution are introduced on the carpet through a tube. This tends to remove dirt and stains in the weaves more effectively, leaving you with a clean carpet free from sand, grit, dirt and allergens.

Steam cleaning is undoubtedly a viable technique to clean carpets. However, always use a method that you are comfortable with. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons in terms of pricing and the wear and tear the technique may cause. If you're ready to invite a professional carpet cleaner home, just browse the listings here by locations and send a few emails for further information an price quotes.