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The Benefits Of Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning

The Benefits Of Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning

Do You Leave Shampoo On Your Hair? The Answer Is No!  So Why Leave It On Your Carpet?

Cleaning a carpet is no mean task. While there are many carpet cleaning methods, there are some traditional techniques that don’t really do a great job of removing dirt and grit. On the contrary they could actually make your carpet get dirtier much faster. Most expert carpet cleaning services suggest that you avoid using old fashioned carpet cleaners. Some of the latest techniques include zero residue and no residue cleaning methods. 

No residue carpet  cleaning

While the term no-residue carpet cleaning may sound alluring, there is no way that this method can guarantee that no residue is left after the cleaning process. What it actually means is that there is no soil attracting residue left behind. In other words, there is no soap or detergent left on the carpet and therefore there is no reason to attract soil. In this way, your carpet will stay clean for longer.

How is zero residue  cleaning different?

Zero residue involves using a cleaner that does not leave any soil attracting residue. It can be used with steam cleaning or any other dry carpet cleaning method.

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